About me

Hello! I’m Floris La Grand, 22 years old and currently studying Communication Media Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Before I started at the University, I completed an MBO level 4 education “Interactive Media Design” at the Graphic Lyceum of Rotterdam.  On this course I learned what it takes to be a good designer and what kind of knowledge I need to become a good designer. During my MBO coruse I learned how to design websites, but also how to build them. Besides this I also create offline content like, posters, logos and businesscards.

Outside school I’m still busy with design. I’m busy with designing logos and company-identities for start-ups around the neighborhood. Besides that I have my own company with a good friend of mine. Our company is called Carsdaily. We provide automotive content on the socials. On Instagram we reached 30k followers already and we are busy transfering our followers to our Youtube account. On our Youtube account you can find car reviews and facts videos op the newest production cars in the world. My part in the company is the styling, editing and shooting. 

My long-term goal is to apply my knowledge and skills in a full-time job. I want to get the best out of myself and grow in the field as a designer. If I work hard enough, I will get what I want, Like every designer, to be seen and appreciated.