About me

I am Floris La Grand. 21 years old and currently second-year student Communication Media Design at Hogeschool Rotterdam. For this course, I followed another course Interactive Media Design at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and graduated in 2017.

At Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, I learned what it takes to be a designer. I learned the small tweaks of a designer, like giving space to your design and work it out in every small detail.

During my internship, I expanded my knowledge of web design and development. But I also made a lot of corporate identities and user interfaces.

Outside school, I’m always busy with one of my projects for small business owners or friends & family. I also have a small company with one of my youth friends. Our company is called Cars Daily. On our social channels, we post daily facts, pictures and news about the new cars on the market. Since a month or 2, we also make car review videos on youtube. My responsibility is the creative side of the company. Think about the appearance, editing photos and videos for our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

My long-term goal is to become a Front-end developer offering my abilities in a full-time capacity. I want to get the best out of myself and achieve the best of my ability in my area of design. I hope if I work hard enough I will get what every designer wants, to be recognized and appreciated.